Quarterly Subscription

Quarterly Subscription


Each quarter we choose products that are seasonal, functional or fun, that we truly enjoy.  We are selective and only include items that are natural, organic, eco-friendly, or top notch when it comes to quality.  We take feedback from our subscribers and send products based on your subscription preferences.  Your box will include 5-7 full size products, each quarter.  This is not like other subscription boxes you may be used to; this is not a box of samples, or advertisements.

Some of the perks of being a subscriber:
- Exclusive previews of new products
- Notifications when new items have hit the shopping cart
- Exclusive promotions throughout the year
- Subscriber only discount codes, in your box

Subscription boxes are custom curated and therefore not eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges.
The cut off for ordering winter boxes will be March 5, 2018

Pay box-to-box:
$75 per box
+ $10 shipping and handling per box

One Year Prepay:
$70 per box
+ $7.25 shipping and handling per box


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