Oyster Shucking Set

Oyster Shucking Set


Host your next oyster bake in style, or simply be prepared the next time you make an intimate dinner. This utilitarian apron is designed to hold everything you need and protect yourself while cleaning fish, shucking oysters, or even in the shop. Completely adjustable to fit any stature and made of waxed canvas, it can easily be hosed off so you can get back to work!

We have paired it with the highest quality, natural shucking knife. This full-tang blade is encased in a solid white oak handle for ease of use and longevity. 

Some of the items in this box are:

American Made
All Natural
Supportive of Small Businesses

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Additional Information:

Constructed of waxed canvas; fully adjustable to fit all sizes; includes pockets for the tools of your trade, pens + a cell phone

Shucking Knife: 8.5" long; 4" blade
Constructed of stainless steel + white oak. Featuring: Full tang blade, and solid white oak handle

*All descriptions and claims are based upon the descriptions and claims of our trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Box dimensions are 8" x 6" x 3"