Coffee for Two

Coffee for Two


Coffee is better when shared. That’s why we have put together two different organic coffees, small batch vanilla simple syrup, and two glass travel cups in this set. Everyone will come for coffee, when it’s this good!

Some of the items in this box are:

American Made
Gluten Free
Free of Synthetic Ingredients
Supportive of Small Businesses

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Additional Information:

Coffee Cup (16 fl. oz.):  Reusable and durable; complete glass and silicone construction.  Available in Indigo, Army, Seaglass Persimmon & Seaglass Vintage Green

La Mirella Coffee (12 oz.): Organic, Costa Rica medium roast with notes of honey, black figs & molasses

Kivu Coffee (12 oz.): Organic, Rwanda light to medium roast with notes of cocoa & hibiscus

Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup (10 oz.): Made with Madagascar vanilla beans and organic cane sugar, our Vanilla Bean simple syrup captures the rich, romantic flavor of vanilla

*All descriptions and claims are based upon the descriptions and claims of our trusted vendors and manufacturers.

Gift box dimensions are 13” x 11” x 4”