7 Ways to Use a Fouta Towel


Fouta is the name traditionally given to a thin cotton or linen towel used in Mediterranean countries, often in public baths in the 19th century.   Here are our favorite summer uses for these organic beauties!

Beach Towel:  These are perfect for the beach!  Their woven construction will keep them from holding sand, and help them to dry quickly before going back in your beach bag!

Sarong or Swim Cover Up:  The substantial size makes them easy to tie and use as a quick wrap!

Picnic Blanket:  Generously sized at 40" x 70", our foutas can easily be used as a picnic blanket or summer outdoor throw.  Perfect to ward off the chill at a campfire, or to use as a foundation for cheese, crackers and wine at an outdoor concert.  

Kitchen Towel:  Use this large towel to dry your harvested and washed summer veggies!  You can also fashion it as a waist-tie apron!

Bath Towel:  Add this luxurious towel to your bathroom for an absorbent and quick drying option!

Scarf:  Need to stay warm on your plane ride to your summer vacation destination?  Need something in your suitcase that can go from daytime beach towel to nighttime fashion accessory?  These work great as an oversized scarf, which also means you don't have to pack them away when summer ends! 

Nursing Cover:  For new moms, this is a very versatile piece.  Use as a nursing cover, car seat cover, baby blanket, or even tie to baby wear!