Who needs beard oil?

The short answer is everyone with a beard.  Here’s a few reasons why you should consider using a quality, all natural beard oil:

Quality beard oils are comprised of carrier oils and essential oils.  While the essential oils deliver their own benefits, natural carrier oils are full of important vitamins like Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is especially essential for healthy skin and hair.  Chemical beard oils may deliver short term shine using ingredients like silicone.  However, they provide zero benefit to the beard or skin.  Sticking with an all-natural beard oil will provide long term benefits to your skin and beard. 

Dirt and the elements can create irritation, dryness and dandruff.  In addition, natural sebum oil production stays fairly constant regardless of beard length. Therefore, if you have a longer beard, your skin and locks may need some additional help with hydration.  These components paired with overall health, diet, and lifestyle can lead to great frustration over beard appearance and feeling.  A quality beard oil will help hydrate the skin and hair increasing beard success and happiness.

Beard hair is naturally coarse and thick.  It can appear scratchy, straw-like, and split in its natural form.  Beard oil rejuvenates the skin and hair leaving it softer, more maintained and less tangled.  You will notice a healthy shine and overall vitality to a well-kept beard. 
A quality and all natural beard oil is essential to hydrate, condition, and promote healthy growth.  That’s why we knew it was important to provide a high quality and effective beard set to men who have beards.  Our set is full of beneficial ingredients to beards, but is also made in small-batches in the USA, from a very conscious brand.    We have included a quality beard soap to use before hydrating, and a beard brush to help work the oil in from base to ends.  If you end up loving this beard set as much as we do, be sure to sign up for our beard subscription service for easy replenishment!

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